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It has been nearly eight months since I posted here at Ground Rule Double. I had a busy year with a baby, a new house and transistioning careers. Anyway I am posting again to inform those of you who will read this that Ground Rule Double will be veering away from baseball as a whole, and will become a primarily Detroit Tigers-centric blog.

I attended my first Tigers game when I was six in 1984. It was against the Baltimore Orioles and the pitching match-up was Jack Morris versus Storm Davis. The Tigers actually lost that game, but the memory is still cemented in my brain. I love baseball, but I think I love the Detroit Tigers more.

That said I have made the decision to focus on the Tigers in the hopes that I can post more frequently. My goal is to have a couple of posts a week until the season starts, and then we will just go with the flow. This might be wishful thinking, but it is the goal I am setting for myself.

One other aspect that I am hoping to add to Ground Rule Double is a more social or pop culture look at Tigers baseball. I am a pop culture junkie, so I looking to write about things outside of the normal day-to-day dealings of the club. This could include book reviews, movie reviews, or just a funny breakdown of Alan Trammell and Lou Whitaker’s appearance on Magnum P.I. I get bored with post after post of stats and player analysis, and I figure you might as well.

Thanks for reading and please return soon.